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Date Assigned: March 19

Due Date: March 26

A Grade-choose 3 of the projects. At least two projects must be done independently while the third may be completed with a partner. This joint project should be more comprehensive than the same project if it were to be done independently.

B Grade-choose 2 of the projects, both are to be done independently.

C Grade-choose 1 project which is to be done independently.

This assignment is primarily a homework assignment. It is your decision if you want to try to pick projects that can connect in some way so you can develop several projects into one comprehensive project.

There are many methods of presentation. I have suggested several but you are not limited to my suggestions. Choose whichever will work the best for yourself and your information.

One possible method of presentation is a trifold. To set up the trifold use a word processing form which is set into 3 columns then set the left and right margins (under format to document) to .017 inch. When you are ready to print back to back, just let me know and I will show you how to do it.

A web page could be used for your presentation.

A collage or poster could be a form of presentation.

A verbal presentation is also a possibility but I will need to have a written copy at the time of the presentation.

1. Using a trifold or a poster presentation, write up rules for blitzball. Make sure you have included all of Finny’s rules as well as having covered all other possibilities. Design the field showing all the information needed to play.

2. Rationing was very important during WW II. Research to find out what the 20 rationed items were, why they were rationed, and what new synthetics were developed as replacements. Present your information in a poster format or a trifold.

3. Research the Phillips Exeter Academy or similar private schools. Give the location and general information, including current costs.--This might be difficult to find--Present it in a trifold advertising the school to prospective students and their parents.

4. Draw up the charter and emblem for the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session. Include the purpose, rules, and initiation procedures to join. Use either an informational poster or a trifold.

5. Create a 3-D map of Devon School at the end of the novel.

6. Create a coloring book to show the most important events in each chapter. It is to be a minimum of one page per important event. This could also be a comic book drawn to tell the plot of the novel.

7. Draw symbols which are of importance in the novel and explain what they symbolize. There should be a set of six symbols each presented on a sheet of 11” x 17” paper.

8. Do some research on the Olympics. What sports were included in the 1936-1948 Olympics? Were any canceled because of the war? Did the war change them in any way? Who were the winners from the U.S.? Present the information on a poster.

9. Research post-traumatic stress syndrome. Compare the symptoms to Leper’s behavior and experiences. Come to a conclusion as to whether or not this could be Leper’s problem. Present it in a format that would show the similarities and differences and would lead you to your logical conclusion.

10. Research the possibility of Finny’s death occurring the way it was reported. You must contact one person with medical training plus medical texts after you find out the name of the condition. Could it still happen today? Present the information in a trifold.

11. Write the program for Finny’s funeral. Write the eulogies that would be delivered by Gene and by the headmaster. Present the information on special paper as if it were to be a gift to Finny’s parents as a memento. This must be orally presented to the class.

12. Design a poster for the Winter Carnival. Include pictures of some events, a list of events, time, place, and additional information.

13. Give a event by event account of the Winter Carnival as you would if you were a sports caster. This would be taped then played to the class. Have a listing of the events and participants.

14. Write up an “Emergency Usefulness Policy” that Devon School adopted. Write a statement of policy. Make sure that you have included its intent and the specifics as to how that intent would be realized. Realize that the intent of such a policy was that the school’s assets could be used for the war effort, including the personnel.

15. Collect recipes that would have been used in World War II. You will need to research to determine which foods were rationed and what some of the substitute foods would be. Research also to determine which foods could be easily obtained. Your best source of information would be someone who lived through that era. Design a cover for it and write an introduction explaining about the foods that were rationed, substitution foods, and why other foods were easy to find.

16. Research to find out where Leper might have been sent in December of 1942. Look at the hot spots during WW II at that time. Present a map that shows several of the most likely possibilities. Research to find out why or how important this battle was, how many men were involved, and the outcome of the battle. Research for the same information about where Gene might have been sent in June of 1943. Make sure Gene’s branch of the service would have been involved in the battles.

17. Determine what the weather would be like in Exeter during the various seasons. Check out the average temperatures, rainfall, snow, etc. Research to determine the type of vegetation, wildlife, and fish would be found in the area. What outdoor recreational possibilities would be found in the area? Using the four main characters, connect this information to the their interests.

18. What kinds of transportation would be available in that area? Go into detail. Tell the kind of trains, planes, and automobiles that would be used and where the routes, airports, and roads would be available during the years 1941-1944.

19. What kinds of communication would be used in that area? Go into detail. Try to find out what form of communication was used for propaganda, war news, personal news, etc.

20. During the years of 1941-1944, what kinds of recreation were available? What were the most popular? Which plays or movies might Finny have attended in Boston in 1942? Which books might have been read by Gene?

21. What would the clothes look like during this period of time? What hairstyles would have been worn. Get a description and possibly a picture of the uniform worn by each branch of the service.

22. How did the U.S. Government vitalize the U.S. for the War? Research the propaganda techniques and whatever other methods were used to get Americans involved in war. To get some ideas, you might talk to your U.S. History teacher.

23. How have changes since WW II affected American life? This should include changes such as in technology ,the family structure, or economic changes.

24. Write up your own project. You must include a stated purpose that connects to the story; choose a theme, character, or special happening. Research is required either through the normal research channels or by using the novel for special detailed information. The project needs to be presented using a specified presentation format. Use the projects above as a model for yours. Include as much specific information as possible.

Use the following form for each of your mini-projects. This form is to be completed and handed in when the mini-project is presented.

Name Date Hour Mini-project #____ of _____.

1. What is the purpose of your presentation?

2. How does the information in your presentation connect to the novel, A Separate Peace? Be as specific as possible.

3. What method of presentation was used for this mini-project?

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