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Go to your existing web page directory (this lists all of the pages on your web page account). Without any assistance, complete the following.

1. Start a new page, just like you did for your individual web page about the author's writing. Write your new page address on the paper I have given you.

2. Insert a picture into the first section of the web page. If you have one in your file use it, if not, either come to me for a disk or go to the Internet and find a picture.

3. Insert text into the second section of the page. If you donít have any text in your file, come up to me for a disk or write something up then insert it on your page. Make sure it is grammatically correct and spellchecked. A paragraph or two about any classroom acceptable topic is fine.

4. Place a link on your page which will link to:

Authors Galore: Learn about other favorite authors

This has taken me approximately fifteen minutes to finish. Make sure you have a title for your page, a colored background, text color, link color, a picture, a text block, and a link. Make sure you have included your page address on the test paper. This section of the final exam will be 10% of your final exam grade.