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Authors Galore English 10

March is a drab time in the U.P. of Michigan so to combat the wintertime blues, English 10 students started an author project using web pages for their presentation. Students were allowed to use any authors who had been presented in class. In addition, students were allowed to bring in their favorite authors by presenting one of the writings by the author and some biographical information on the author. Steve Martin, Stephen King, and William Shakespeare are examples of authors who were presented by the students. A group was formed by students interested in the same author; each group included a student with previous experience on web pages. More research was completed on the author then we started the web page. Each group was responsible for an author page which contained factual information about the author: biography, timeline, quotes... From the group homepage each student was to have a link to their own page which is concerning the writing of the author. Each student was to read and understand a second work by the author. On the individual page the student needed to show knowledge of both the works of the author and any other information about their work. The writing was to be worthwhile, interesting, and well written. For each source of information a works cited entry was to be written. The purpose of this project is actually three fold: 1. to allow students to learn about an individual author in depth 2. independently to read and appreciate other works by this author 3. to experience setting up a web page to be used as a presentation form

The skills which are being practiced include: 1. teamwork, emphasizing individual responsibilities 2. researching 3. writing the works cited entries of the sources 4. analyzing and relating two works of one author

Links Galore to Authors Galore

1. Maya Angelou
biography, titles of works, quotes, and life stuff.
2. Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou's visions in this website you can find a varity of information. There is everything from a biography & a timeline to a college of her works & a reveiw of a selection of her writing.
3. Maya Angelou's Cozy Corner
4. The Life of Kate Chopin
A very well known, southern author of her time. Information on her life and achievements
5. The Awakening of Kate Chopin
Biography of her life, education, family & home life.
6. Emily Dickinson
list of some of her poem, biography, counter, picture, and links
7. The Life of Emily Dickinson
Title, picture, biography, links, counter
8. Emily Dickinson
Contains biography, pictures, links to other sites with information, links to poems
9. Ms. Seclusion
Time spent at Mount Holyoke, family background, her religious beleifs, and life experiences
10. Emily Dickinson
Includes bio information, pictuers and some of her works.
11. Langston Hughes
Image, bio, counter some other works (names)
12. Langston Hughes
13. Shirley Jackson
14. Shirley Jackson
Picture of Shirley Jackson, biography, timeline, counter
15. The Fear Within (Shirley Jackson)
Shirley Jackson, a writer of horror. learn where she grew up. What kinds of stories she wrote one being a closer look at "The Lottery". And to the times in history Shirley Jackson lived through...
16. Stephen King
17. All about John Knowles
this will have a time line a pic. of his home bio. show how his books have something in common.
18. John Knowles
Image Bio counter
19. The High Life of Jack London
This webpage has sites of Jacks childhood, his dream house, traveling, the city where he grew up and much more!
20. It's Gonnna Be Good!
biography: growing up and his parents and basically his life interests:what he enjoys doing in his spare time other jobs: what he did before he was an author other works: other stories he wrote
21. Jack London
22. You Don't Know Jack About London
Our page contains information about Jack London's life, from beginning to end, including a biography, a time line, and other important facts.
23. John Griffith London (Jack London)
Biography Timeline Trivia Questions Critics ratings
24. Steve Martin
This site includes films that he has been a part of and a biography of his life.
25. William Shakespeare
26. John Steinbeck
27. John Steinbeck Galaxy
pictures Bio Nobel prize acceptence speech links to other steinbeck sites list of works
28. John Steinbeck
His family History Avards Themes Links Summeries
29. Mark Twain
picture works life not sure what else yet.
30. Mark Twain
A brief overview of Mark Twain & his life & his work. It'll contain several brief writings about Mark Twain and/or his writings.
31. The Life of Mark Twain
quick Biography with birth & death along with links to his works & timeline
32. Mark Twain
33. Mark Twain
34. Cynthia Voight-just for now
biblography books pictures biography
35. Kurt Vonnegut